Brush Tube Makeup Set


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A set of synthetic makeup brushes that allows creating a complete look.
The subtle mix of soft hair, beige handle and golden ferrule assures not only extreme comfort while applying makeup but also a great presentation in an elegant tube with two snap closures. Perfect to be used at home and during travelling. It can be a perfect gift for you or for your dearest.

Set contains a brush tube case and makeup brushes.

1. A big size, soft makeup brush perfect to apply loose and pressed powder. Allows quick and easy application of bronzer or highlighter onto the larger parts of the body including neck or décolletage.
2. A soft makeup brush with rounded bristles that can be used to apply blush, highlighter as well as bronzing or under eye powder. Works well with creamy products.
3. A ball-shaped eyeshadow brush that allows precise blending and shape definition. Can also be used to blend eyeshadows across the bottom line.
4. A soft fluffy makeup brush for application of eyeshadows, under eye powder or highlighter to selected areas of the face.
5. A small makeup brush to apply loose or pressed eyeshadows on the upper and lower eyelid. Works best with creamy products such as concealer, eyeshadow or eye primer.
6. A double-sided makeup brush for eye and brow products. The angled tip allows precise application of eyeliner as well as helps to define the shape of the brow. A small brush can be used to comb the eyelashes and brows or to apply the mascara, providing the effect of perfectly separated lashes.

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Brush Tube Makeup Set

Brush Tube Makeup Set

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