Brush Set (7 PCS) Marble Red


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A set of seven carefully selected makeup brushes with synthetic hair in a unique red-golden etui.
Perfect for a gift, irreplaceable on the go, ideal for everyday use.

The set contains (from right to left):
1. A very soft big brush recommended for applying loose and pressed powders. It will be perfect also for bronzing powders and highlighters on body.
2. A soft, slightly flatten brush with a somewhat rounded tip allows the application of creamy products and does not leave smudges. Perfect for foundations, leaves a natural finish. Can also be used with creamy blushes and highlighters.
3. A brush with longer brizzles shaped like a flame, which allows easy and precise face contouring. It is perfect for powders, bronzing powders, blushes and highlighters.
4. A soft, fluffy brush that allows blending eyeshadows on eyelids and very subtle usage of highlighters or blushes.
5. An all purpose brush allowing application of pressed and creamy eyeshadows. A slightly rounded tip perfectly spreads the shadow on the eyelid and enables easy blending.
6. A small brush that allows precise eyeshadow application on the upper and lower lid. Perfectly blends an eyeliner and helps achieving smokey eye effect
7. A precise brush perfect for brow styling products as well as for applying eyeshadows on the lash line. Due to its perfectly modelled tip it allows neat eyeliner application both on the waterline and the eyelid.

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Brush Set (7 PCS) Marble Red

Brush Set (7 PCS) Marble Red

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