Holiday is getting closer and closer. During this special time we want to give our loved ones something special. But how to find a gift that will make them happy, will have the wow effect and will be practical at the same time?

To find the answer is not an easy task. The present should be chosen carefully, keeping in mind that we all like different things, have different needs and tastes. A present should be individually matched to everyone. Our holiday limited edition collection is a proposal of a gift that will charm the receiver and be useful at the same time. It is a prefect present for the makeup lovers as well as for those who use cosmetics for big occasions only.

In this limited edition collection you can find our classic products as well as new shades of eyeshadows in a new holiday form. With them you will be able to create a stunning makeup for every occasion. The golden stars decoration will only enhance the gift’s holiday spirit.

In this collection there are 2 palettes of 4 new eyeshadows each: Let’s Sparkle! and Make a Wish!. The eyeshadows are fitted into two Freedom System Palettes that later can be filled with the products from the regular collection. The palettes fit both cool and warm shades that will help you to create a complete eye makeup – long-lasting and lustrous.

The holiday promise will be fulfilled by Promise Star Edition mascara that will lengthen and thicken the lashes. The brush allows a comfortable application and separates the lashes from root to tip.

Holiday edition LipSatin Red Kiss Lipstick will intensively enhance the lips and LipSatin Nude Secret Lipstick will be the best choice for those who prefer subtle colour on their lips.

On top of that the presents can be given in a velvet pouch Star Catcher which closes with a delicate string. The pouch later can become a practical way to storage favourite cosmetics, jewellery or other little items.

This holiday not only single items of the limited collection are available. We have prepared also sets in star decorated packagings that make great gifts.

The bigger set contains especially decorated Make a Wish! Freedom System Palette with four eyeshadows, Promise Star Edition Mascara, LipSatin Nude Secret lipstick and velvet pouch Star Catcher. The items are placed in a chic packaging with golden print.

The small set Holiday Promises is a great couple of Promise Star Edition Mascara and LipSatin in neutral shade Secret Nude. Different shade of the lipstick can be found in Holiday Wishes set that contains Promise Star Edition Mascara and Lip Satin lipstick in the deep and rich colour of Red Kiss. A small set can be a minor gift or an addition to a bigger present.

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