Makeup Case VL with Bags


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- Makeup Case VL: 31 x 15,5 x 19 cm (12,2 x 6,1 x 7,4 inches)
- Makeup bag: 20 x 15 cm (7,8 x 5,9 inches)
- 2 Makeup bags: 15 x 10 cm (5,9 x 3,9 inches)

This satchel style makeup case is perfect for storing your makeup and accessories. Made of faux-leather, it features an adjustable shoulder strap, short handle on the top, two-way zipper, a zipped pocket, and several small pockets. It is versatile, light and, stylish with a pressed logo on the front side. Includes 3 clear makeup bags that make it easy to keep your makeup collection organized.

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Makeup Case VL with Bags

Makeup Case VL with Bags

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