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V-Label Certification

People who are looking for 100% vegan products may struggle with the analysis of the ingredients’ list. Firstly, raw materials used are hidden under complicated names or semi-finished products. Secondly, the products may be tested on animals at different stages of the production. V-label Certification provides the analysis that regular consumers are unable to go through, therefore they are given the opportunity to consciously and safely choose vegan products.

V-Label controls the cosmetics taking into consideration both the origin of raw materials and testing on animals. In order to call a product vegan, it has to go through extremely precise analysis of full list of ingredients and the production processes. It means that all raw materials used are analyzed, including those not mentioned on the labels like excipients, semi-finished products, or the components like applicators and brushes. The raw materials are controlled at every stage, even directly at the producers and suppliers, who are obliged to provide the statement confirming not testing on animals of a certain product, not testing on animals in different countries or third parties.

It took over six months to run the detailed analysis of 450 raw materials.

INGLOT products labeled with V-Label certificate are 100% vegan and cruelty free.



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