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Freedom System is a unique solution that enables you to fit all your favourite makeup products into one handy, eco-friendly reusable palette. Mix freedom system eyeshadows freely creating your own set and play with eyeshadow refills that suit you best. Do you have numerous eyeshadows in the palette, yet tend to wear only one? It’s not a problem anymore! Replace freedom system refill at any moment - when your supply of a given product runs out or you just get bored with it.

In our offer you can find a wide range of eyeshadows with different finishes. Depending on the final effect you want to achieve, choose between shimmering eyeshadows that add sparkle and highlight the gaze and matte eyeshadows to create natural everyday makeup in the most subtle version. If you are in love with ultra shine, grab for creamy pigment eyeshadows with diamond dust in the formula, and allow yourself to catch all the glances.

Create your favourite makeup sets and exchange products anytime you want!

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